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City of Bloomington

Average Commute to Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Average Commute to St. Paul: 20 minutes
Average Commute to Airport: 10 minutes

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Bloomington Community Information

County: Hennepin
Population: 81,280 (2008)
Median Income: $56,821
Hospitals: Fairview Southdale
School District(s):  Bloomington (271),, 952-681-6400

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  Xcel Energy,, (800) 895-4999
  Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electrical Association,, (800) 943-2667
  Xcel Energy,, (800) 895-4999
  Qwest Communications,, (800) 244-1111
  Comcast,, (651) 222-3333
  City of Bloomington,, (952) 563-8726

About the Community of Bloomington

Bloomington redefined itself in 1992 when it opened The Mall of America, the largest indoor shopping center in the nation. Bloomington's proximity to Minneapolis and the Twin Cities' airport has made this suburb grow to become the third largest city in Minnesota. Hospitality has become the number one industry in the area, and the city's first light-rail stretches from Downtown Minneapolis to the heart of Bloomington. One-third of the city is designated as parkland and recreation space, and Bloomington is also home to one of only four urban wildlife refuges in the country. Add that on to the three golf courses, 108 tennis courts, a 50-acre Dred Scott Playfield, and 123 parks that call Bloomington home, and you've found a great place to live.

Bloomington Parks & Recreation

One-third of Bloomington (8,000 acres) is designated as parkland and recreation space. There are three golf courses, 108 tennis courts, a 50-acre softball field and 123 parks within the city.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (12-square miles), one of four urban wildlife refuges in the country, borders the Minnesota River in Bloomington. Trails are available for hiking, and areas are designated for hunting and fishing.

Additional recreational areas:
• Hyland Hills Ski & Snowboard Area
• Hyland Lake Reserve
• Richardson Nature Center
• Normandale Japanese Gardens
• Chutes & Ladders at Hyland Lake Park Reserve

This “City of Hospitality” has 33 hotels with more than 6,900 rooms available for visitors to the area. Groups from 10 to 2,000 can be accommodated. In addition to the Mall of America, Bloomington has numerous attractions, museums, and more to experience, including:

• Minnesota Zoo
• Minnesota Science Museum
• Camp Snoopy at Mall of America
• Bloomington Historical Museum
• Bloomington Art Center
• The Museum of Russian Art

The Twin Cities and Bloomington area are recognized nationally as being a strong arts community in everything from music and literature to dance and visual arts. There are nearly 400 professional and community theaters statewide, with about half of them in the Twin Cities.

Community Center:
Creekside Community Center, located at the corner of 98th Street and Penn Avenue, is a connecting site for hundreds of Bloomington residents. The Center is fully utilized for meeting room rentals, Human Services programs, Bloomington Senior Citizen Program, noon and evening meal service and nutrition programs and eight human service agency offices.

River Rendezvous, a living history festival which depicts frontier life in the 1800's, Summer Fete and Fireworks Fourth of July celebration with music, food, fireworks.




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