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City of Champlin

Average Commute to Minneapolis: 30 minutes
Average Commute to St. Paul: 35 minutes
Average Commute to Airport: 40 minutes

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Champlin Community Information

County: Hennepin
Population: 23,503 (2008)
Median Income: $79,244
Chamber of Commerce: Anoka Area Chamber
Hospitals: Mercy
School District(s):  Anoka/Hennepin (11),, 763-506-1000

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  Xcel Energy,, (800) 895-4999
  Connexus Energy,, (763) 323-2600
  Anoka Municipal Utility, (763) 576-2903
  Centerpoint Energy,, (800) 245-2377
  Sprint Communications,, (800) 788-3500
  Qwest Communications,, (800) 244-1111
  Comcast,, (651) 222-3333
  City of Champlin,, (763) 421-8100

About the Community of Champlin

The city of Champlin is a rapidly growing third-ring suburb. It is situated immediately south of the Mississippi River at the site where early French explorer Father Louis Hennepin first crossed the Mississippi River in 1680. Today, the community celebrates its heritage with the annual Father Hennepin Festival held in mid-June. Champlin's business community provides a variety of services and retail offerings, including full-service medical facilities and a first-class post office. Champlin's educational needs are served by the Anoka-Hennepin School District, the third-largest school district in the state.

Champlin Parks & Recreation

Champlin currently has approximately 300 acres of City owned park land at 32 locations. It is also important to note there is currently approximately 800 acres of the Elm Creek Park Reserve located within the City of Champlin boundaries. This area is owned and maintained by Hennepin Parks.

With the recent trail and sidewalk development in the southwest portion of the community, the City has successfully provided safe off-road access to Hennepin County Regional Trail Corridor. These trails are designed for non-motorized uses, such as bicycling, hiking, jogging, walking and cross-country skiing. The City will continue to provide additional access locations to these valuable park system resources in the future.

Yearly Special Events
Halloween Party
Family Turkey Shoot
Skate with Santa
Santa's Deliveries
Easter Extravaganza
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Deliveries
City Garage Sale
Father Hennepin
Kiddie Carnival




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