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City of Golden Valley

Average Commute to Minneapolis: 15 minutes
Average Commute to St. Paul: 25 minutes
Average Commute to Airport: 25 minutes

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Golden Valley Community Information

County: Hennepin
Population: 20,344 (2008)
Median Income: $74,708
Hospitals: North Memorial Medical Center
School District(s):  Hopkins (270),, 952-988-4000,   Robbinsdale (281),, 763-504-8000

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  Xcel Energy,, (800) 895-4999
  Centerpoint Energy,, (800) 245-2377
  Qwest Communications,, (800) 244-1111
  Comcast,, (651) 222-3333
  City of Golden Valley,, (763) 593-8000

About the Community of Golden Valley

Found in Hennepin County, Minnesota, Golden Valley is a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis and is conveniently located five miles west of downtown. Featuring ample parks and nature areas, the city is known as one of the premiere places to live in the Twin Cities because of its diverse neighborhoods, excellent housing, flourishing business and award-winning schools.

Golden Valley Parks & Recreation

Among Golden Valley's many amenities are its parks, trails, and open space. Fifteen percent of the city (more than 1,035 acres) is dedicated to parks and open space, and the City maintains nearly 47 miles of trails as well as numerous ball fields, courts, and activity areas.

The Golden Valley Park and Recreation Department offers a variety of programs for all ages as well as a number of ways to register. If you have questions, call the Park and Recreation Department at 763-512-2345 (TDD 763-593-3998).

Community Center:
The Davis Community Center, attached to the Meadowbrook Elementary School at 5430 Glenwood Avenue in Golden Valley, is the result of a $4 million collaboration between the City of Golden Valley and the Hopkins School District. Its 10,000-square-foot gymnasium, the equivalent of two full-sized basketball/volleyball courts, provides space for Golden Valley Parks & Recreation Department gym programs for people of all ages (Monday - Friday, 5:30 - 10 pm, and all day Saturday and Sunday).

•Animal Humane Society's Annual Walk for Animals
•Annual Bike Rodeo
•Caring Youth Recognition
•Concerts in the Park
•Fire and Police Open House
•Golden Valley Community Library Programs
•Golden Valley Days
•Golden Valley Fire Relief Association Street Dance
•Golden Valley Golf Classic
•Golden Valley Historical Society Programs and Events
•Golden Valley Safety Camp (for Kids Ages 4 - 10)
•Invest Northwest Awards
•National Night Out
•Remodeling Fair
•Run the Valley Race and Walk
•Senior Safety Fair
•Views of the Valley Photo Contest




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