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City of Plymouth

Average Commute to Minneapolis: 20 minutes
Average Commute to St. Paul: 30 minutes
Average Commute to Airport: 25 minutes

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Plymouth Community Information

County: Hennepin
Population: 71,486 (2008)
Median Income: 89,299
Hospitals: Methodist
School District(s):  Hopkins (270),, 952-988-4000,   Osseo (279),, 763-391-7000,   Robbinsdale (281),, 763-504-8000,   Wayzata (284),, 763-745-5000

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  Xcel Energy,, (800) 895-4999
  Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electrical Association,, (800) 943-2667
  Centerpoint Energy,, (800) 245-2377
  Qwest Communications,, (800) 244-1111
  Comcast,, (651) 222-3333
  City of Plymouth,, (763) 509-5333

About the Community of Plymouth

Plymouth is one of the fastest growing communities in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Its strategic location, lakes, diverse housing stock and park system continue to attract new residents and businesses. Plymouth covers about 36 square miles. Located ten miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis, Plymouth offers residents and business people a strategic location. With Interstate 494 running north to south through the center of the city, Hwy. 55 bisecting the city east to west and Hwy. 169 running along the eastern border, people who live and work in Plymouth have easy access to Minneapolis, St. Paul and area suburbs. Plymouth has built a reputation as a quality community in which to live and work. Its lakes and rolling terrain provide the backdrop for a blend of well-planned residential, business and commercial-industrial areas. Citizens and community leaders have placed a high priority on establishing a first-rate park system, interconnecting trails and diverse recreation facilities. As the community has matured, the City has worked with citizens to permanently preserve natural open-spaces, nurture the arts and protect the environment.

Plymouth Parks & Recreation

The City's extensive park system and 80 miles of trails greatly add to the quality of life in Plymouth. The City owns more than 1,000 acres of park land.
The park system consists of community playfields, large multi-purpose City parks, small neighborhood parks and a skate park. The City also owns several pieces of undeveloped open space throughout the community.
Plymouth's trails let you get from neighborhoods to commercial areas as well as take in picturesque settings like Medicine Lake and Parkers Lake. The City works cooperatively with other jurisdictions to link City trails to those in neighboring communities and regional trails.
The Recreation Division offers year-round programs, classes, concerts, events, trips, team sports and sport instruction for youth, adults and families. In addition, special recreation programs are provided for seniors and people with disabilities in cooperation with Senior Community Services and Reach for Resources. The Recreation Division also serves as the headquarters for the City of Plymouth's extensive Volunteer Program.

Plymouth Creek Center:
Nestled on the edge of one of Plymouth's most beautiful parks, Plymouth Creek Center provides a gathering place for groups to celebrate special events, enjoy cultural and educational pursuits, and partake in a wide variety of other social and recreational activities. The center serves as the headquarters of the Plymouth Senior Program. Plymouth Creek Center is made up of an activity center and an inflatable dome field house.
The focal point of the activity center is the Plymouth Room. This large social hall includes tables and chairs for up to 350 people. Its large windows on the north and west sides offer a spectacular view of the ponds, gardens, and natural areas of Plymouth Creek Park. A wood dance floor, stage and state-of-the-art sound and video system make the room suitable for an array of events and celebrations. The Plymouth Room also can be divided into halves and quarters to accommodate smaller gatherings.
The center also has a fireside lounge and meeting rooms available for smaller gatherings.
The lower level of the Plymouth Creek Center includes a large, tiered multi-purpose room called the Black Box Theatre, a large meeting room, a conference room, a vending area called the Megabyte Cafe and two soundproof music rooms. The Megabyte Cafe features wireless Internet access for laptop computer users.
The Plymouth Creek Center is a popular site for weddings, receptions and banquets. The facility offers catering services. 763-509-5280 Fax: 763-509-5290

If you're looking for something to do for yourself, your child or your grandchild, the Plymouth Parks and Recreation Department can help. Plymouth provides hundreds of leisure time activities for pre-schoolers through seniors. Both Plymouth residents and non-residents may register for recreation programs.
Listings of recreation programs are included in the Plymouth Leisure Times. The booklet is mailed to all residents three times a year. You also can browse program offerings online using REC-Connect. With REC-Connect, you may register and pay for classes online using a pre-assigned participant number. Call 763-509-5200 for a participant number.




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