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City of Shakopee

Average Commute to Minneapolis: 30 minutes
Average Commute to St. Paul: 40 minutes
Average Commute to Airport: 25 minutes

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Shakopee Community Information

County: Scott
Population: 33,455 (2008)
Median Income: $70,897
Chamber of Commerce: Shakopee Area Chamber of Commerce
Hospitals: St. Francis Regional Medical Center
School District(s):  Shakopee (720),, 952-496-5000

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  Xcel Energy,, (800) 895-4999
  Shakopee Public Utilities,, (952) 445-1988
  Centerpoint Energy,, (800) 245-2377
  Sprint Communications,, (800) 788-3500
  Integra Telecom,, 952-746-7000
  TDS Metrocom,, 877-metrocom
  Comcast,, (651) 222-3333
  Shakopee Public Utilities, 952-445-1988

About the Community of Shakopee

The City of Shakopee is located in the southwest corner of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, 23 miles from Minneapolis, on the Minnesota River. Residents of Shakopee enjoy both the atmosphere of a small town and the resources of a thriving metropolitan area. Incorporated in 1857 as a booming river town, today Shakopee is the county seat of Scott County, one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.

The city has its own downtown central business district, regional medical center and business park and is home to regional entertainment attractions such as Historic Murphy’s Landing, Valleyfair Amusement Park, and Canterbury Park Racetrack.

Shakopee Parks & Recreation

The city’s park, open space and trail system is just one resource that makes Shakopee a great place to live, work and play. The system contains:

336 acres of developed parks
408 acres of undeveloped park land and open space
176 acres of land anticipated to be acquired in the near future
Over 10 miles of recreation and transportation trails, and many more miles of sidewalks

The City of Shakopee offers recreational opportunities and programs for residents of all ages and abilities.




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